Sandra D Rundqvist

“On my recent visit to Marbella I decided to take Spanish lessons. I have been studying Spanish at home for about two years and consider that I have a good vocabulary albeit only in the present tense. Ideally I wanted a private tutor to help me get over the threshold of speaking Spanish. I found Maribel’s contact information and sent her an email which she replied to very quickly. Always a good sign! Even better was the fact that Maribel said that she could offer Spanish Classes in Marbella at home.”

Jude, Iman, Amal y Najla.

“My sisters and I took lessons with Maribel on our summer holiday to Marbella .We very much enjoyed it  and we learned lots from her .She is flexible and tries her best to find the suitable time and place for the lesson .She also understands our individual needs and prepares the schedule and material according to that,She gives each student the help they need to easily learn the language. Her Spanish Classes in Marbella are beneficial and fun. Thanks to her we managed to speak some Spanish within three weeks.”

Our students love our classes and our language courses.

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Susan Widdicombe

“I barely spoke a word of Spanish just 15 months ago and now, thanks to Maribel, I can listen to the news in Spanish without furrowing my brow in frustration, chat to my Spanish neighbours and I’ve actually started to read my first novel in Spanish (Isabel Allende’s “La casa de los espiritus”)! Her Spanish Classes in Marbella are fun and stimulating and, probably because she is obviously well-educated and well-qualified, she understands your problems right off the bat and is ready with the solution. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend her, even for pensioners like me! Muchas gracias, Maribel – now I really enjoy living in Spain.”

Pauline Barclay

“I would rate Mirabel as a great teacher her patience and passion for her vocation is remarkable, her teaching methods are both logical, thought provoking and fun. I am a mature student I am delighted with my progress so far. I am 2/3rds of the way through 1st set of 10 lessons and I have a good core understanding of how the language works.”

Nichola Alice Fair

“If you want to learn Spanish in a great location and environment then I would wholeheartedly recommend this school-Maribel clearly loves what she does! Both Maribel and Sofia are kind and very patient and you will make a lot of progress with them. Muchas Gracias!”


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